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The Rat
Chinese Astrology
A person born in the Year of The Rat is imaginative, charming and a devoted friend and family member who protectively watches over his loved ones and is equally careful with his money. For The Rat, knowing who likes you and who you can trust means a lot. The Rat treats its most loyal friends with extra protection, generosity, attention and smiles.

Behind the smile, however, lies a plan on the part of The Rat. A plan motivated by self-interest, often involving money. Money Bear can become a problem if The Rat is not aware of all its priorities and desires.

The innate charm of The Rat can be used very easily. Although often a money-grubber, The Rat can be very generous to “those in the pack”, especially friends and family members who have proven their loyalty. The Rat is a passionate lover with a deep empathy for love and affection.

A person born in the year of The Rat is persistent, punctual and detail-oriented. Although difficult situations can easily throw The Rat off course, it never loses its composure. The Rat likes to participate in exclusive gatherings, is extroverted and manages to spot opportunities and make them succeed.

People quickly take a stand on The Rat. They either love or hate The Rat. It is very valuable if The Rat learns to put other people’s way and well above their own interests – just once in a while. If The Rat develops its personality so much that there is room for others to live with The Rat, not just in its shadow, but as an equal partner, The Rat can achieve a very happy life.

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Your Chinese animals
You have four!

You have more than a single Chinese animal. In fact, you have four! Your primary Chinese animal is obtained from your birth year, but you also have an animal for your birth month, as well as an animal for your birthday and an animal for your hour of birth.

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The animal for your year of birth represents the animal of the year | your outer animal | your outer self. How you are generally perceived and characterized. If you were born in 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, you were born in the year of the Rat.

Chinese animal, zodiac sign | Year animal, inner animal | Inner animal | Rotten


The animal in your birth month represents your inner self. The way you perceive yourself and want to be perceived by others. If you were born in December, the 11th month (Zi), 6.12 – 5.1, you have the Rat as your inner animal.

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The animal for your birthday represents your personality, personality traits that you possess. If you want to know what day you were born, you will find it here. The rat’s day of the week is Thursday.

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The animal for your birth hour represents your secret personality, personality traits that you possess but hide from the outside world. These can be of both negative and positive nature. If you were born in the hours 23-01, you have the Rotten as your secret animal.

This means that what motivates you deep inside is money. You are a latent money digger, and if you could freely express your desire for money, you would bathe in money like Joakim Von And. The rat is particularly characterized by being action-oriented. So if you feel like it’s all too slow sometimes, it could be because your secret identity wants to play.

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Chinese Astrology
Befriend your yearly animal!

The way to quickly benefit from Chinese Astrology is to remember that the greater degree of harmony, Yin-Yang that can be created in any situation – the greater degree of favorable fate, happiness and prosperity will come your way.

This means that you are aware of the position that will potentially bring the greatest progress, happiness, prosperity and luck to your Chinese animal. However, because this optimal position is assumed to be volatile in nature, it can be difficult to predict, let alone consciously and purposefully achieve and maintain.

Your navigation towards the optimal position is thus something that should often have your attention. The course must be continuously adjusted. The mindset of constantly striving towards the optimal state of harmony is a way of life.

To judge which action will take you in the direction of the optimal state of harmony, you get help from the Chinese animals.

You know your own Chinese animal and remember the two animals with which you are most in harmony, as well as the two animals with which you are least compatible. This applies to all people who cross your path – work-related, private, social etc. With certain types, you can easily create prosperity, friendship, respect and mutual joy. And then it’s about being aware of and promoting the presence of these people in your life.

This is how you get wisdom, joy and help from Chinese astrology. In the first instance, forget that you are associated with different animal signs, forget about complicated calculations, forget about everything you have to look up to remember!

Just find your Chinese year animal, get to know it a little, and you are already well on your way to attracting luck, wealth, love, good health, good mood and generally a long happy life.

Give it a try!

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