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Queen of Wands

Overall meaning
The Queen of Wands indicates that you will be optimistic, outgoing and full of energy. You will perform many tasks and keep a lot of balls in the air when she appears in your Tarot reading. The card represents taking over things and organizing your life.

The Queen of Wands shows a woman dressed in yellow and wearing a crown, sitting on a throne. She is surrounded by lions: two lions are embroidered into the carpet behind her, and two others adorn the throne. In one hand she holds a wand, in the other a sunflower. In front of her on the floor sits a black cat, looking at the viewer of the card. Behind her are three yellow hilltops.

The card symbolizes strength and mastery over, among other things, self-knowledge. The card also stands for energy, cleverness and strong will.

The Queen of Wands is a woman who has worked on herself and made great progress. She is in touch with her feelings and her passions, and shows them openly and honestly. She has great self-awareness and great compassion towards all unredeemed beings. The card therefore symbolizes qualities such as loyalty, faithfulness, diligence and creative talents.

The way she holds the wand indicates that we must let our own self-knowledge propagate into the ground, share it with others and let our self-realization express itself in our everyday life. When you draw this card, it is a sign that you harbor a desire for more self-knowledge and understanding. Respect this wish.

Other words that characterize the Queen of Wands are: warmth, compassion, independence, positive, generous, passion, maternal feelings, heart, home, magic, dominance, love, taking responsibility, efficient, multi-tasking, efficiency, fertility, a lot of balls in the air, help others, organize your life.

The tarot card is associated with number 13 – which in numerology is often reduced to 4 (the sum of 1+3) which means that you must pay attention to these two numbers in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about.

The card is associated with the sign Pisces. The fish stands for a fluid pursuit.

When I show my feelings, I’m beautiful. I have confidence in my self-discovery process.

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