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Ten of Cups

Overall meaning
The Ten of Cups represents happiness, happy families, children, caring, fun, joy and creativity. The card also represents reunions, so if you have been away from your family, friends or partner, you can expect to be reunited with them.

Ten of Cups shows a happy family scene with a couple standing holding each other and stretching one arm towards a rainbow in joy. By their side two children dance. The image symbolizes that there is a happiness present in life, as a kind of basic condition, which can be experienced every moment. The family symbolizes cooperation, harmony and equality.

It symbolizes a joy and satiety that one should not think one necessarily has to work hard or in some other way particularly deserve. It’s just there. Ten of Cups gives hope of lasting joy. The house pictured in the background symbolizes safety and stability.

Ten of Cups symbolizes love, harmony, lasting happiness, honor and a good family life. – Everything is perfect! Let things develop by themselves. Everything comes to you at the right moment. Your surroundings will respond to your energy and your emanations and give you everything you need when you need it. What comes to you is happiness that springs from within and radiates into all areas of your life. It is a satisfaction that essentially comes from within. The card indicates a good destiny.

Other words that denote the Ten of Cups are: Happiness, family, happy families, reunions, homecoming, family gatherings, marriage, long-term relationships, stability, security, harmony, abundance, care, children, fun, play, creativity, soul mates, well-being, peace in relationship, family, harmony in relationships.

The tarot card is associated with number 10 – which in numerology is often reduced to 1 (the sum of 1+0) which means that you must pay attention to these two numbers in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about.

This is often expressed in the way that in the next 10 or 1 days | weeks | months | years it will be advantageous for you to express a deep inner satisfaction and/or energy and vitality that comes from within yourself.

Mars in Pisces. Energy and vitality (Mars) is expressed from within and flows outward (Pisces).

Things develop by themselves. Everything comes to me at the right moment. I am completely satisfied. Life gives me everything I need to be happy.

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