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Tarot Major Arcana 3
The Empress

Overall meaning
The Empress is the ultimate triumph card for femininity and motherhood. That is, mother earth and everything connected with it. The Empress is a call to embrace your softer side, allow yourself to explore your feelings and listen to your intuition. People are attracted to you. Especially those who need the empathy, compassion and care you are able to provide.

The Empress shows a mature woman, wearing rich clothes. She seems content and peaceful. She wears a jumpsuit, which could suggest a pregnancy. Her dress is decorated with fruits, an image of nature’s fertility. Beneath her comfortable cushions, a heart lights up, on which one finds the astrological sign for the planet Venus.

Twelve stars are affixed to the empress’s crown, representing the twelve signs of the zodiac, which can be said to be the mold for everything created in our solar system. In the foreground is a ripe cornfield, which stands for rich and bountiful harvest and may refer to the Greek goddess Demeter. Demeter symbolizes both sorrow and fertility and joy: she brings both birth and care to her children, but at the same time must face the fact that she must inevitably be separated from them at some point.

In the background, life-giving water – the water of life – flows from a waterfall into a pond. It is a symbol of the union between the male and the female joining together to create new life. At the same time, the water gives life and nourishment to trees and bushes and to the ripe grain field at her feet.

The Empress radiates love, gentleness and wisdom and shows with the staff she holds in her hand that she represents the unity between intellect and heart. She is the mother of all kinds of beings.

The card is a symbol of fulfilled potential, peace and well-being. First and foremost, the Empress symbolizes the ability to give and receive love in balanced and appropriate ways. She is therefore excellent as a visual affirmation to strengthen one’s emotional balance. If you are drawn by this card, there is a need to think about how you give and receive care, nourishment, comfort and love.

The card can also mean the birth of a child or a project, a creative child. Both need patience, nourishment and care, which must not turn into stagnation and suffocation. Thus, the empress reflects the domestic stability, ability to protect and motherly responsible care.

The card points to a time with a sense of security, where the foundation can be laid for future growth. Be with the female, motherly side of yourself. Take joy in caring for others. Don’t struggle – you have what you need right now. Make like the empress: sit in a comfortable place and let things happen.

Other words that characterize The Empress are: femininity, connection of spirit and matter, abundance, fertility, growth, marriage or children, power in the home, generosity, connectedness with nature, the archetype of the mother, earth, mother nature, warmth and maternal authority. Establishing a foundation for future growth. Initiative and action. Domestic and family stability.

The tarot card is associated with number 3, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to the planet Venus, which stands for love and beauty.

I give with wisdom and I receive with wisdom. I am love. I give life. I have everything I need right now. I am accomplished.

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