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Chinese animal zodiac sign The Snake
Your best partner is…

Chinese Zodiac Astrology | Rooster

Your perfect match is the Rooster! A dream type, always impeccably smartly dressed, very well-groomed and extravagant. Roosters enjoy being the center of attention, being admired, noticed and they can put on quite melodramatic acts if they feel neglected.

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  • Chinese Zodiac Astrology | Animal sign Tiger

You should avoid being in too much contact with the Monkey and the Tiger. Avoid having these animals as a partner in both love and money matters. There is disharmony and potential conflict when these animals cross your path.

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Chinese Zodiac Astrology | Snake

The Snake
And the five elements
You can benefit from taking a moment to familiarize yourself with your animal sign. By knowing your animal sign you can promote your wealth, love, mood, energy, etc.

For example, it is good to know a little about which element your animal sign is associated with, since this is a determining factor in compatibility with the other animals.

The twelve animal signs are related to the five elements, which mutually influence each other by being supportive, draining or destructive. Snake is associated with Fire, which is supported by Wood, drained by Earth and destroyed by Water.

However, it is not straightforward that Snake, should always prefer animals associated with elements that supports Fire. Or for that matter avoid animals associated with elements that destroys or drains Fire.

What is good for the Snake (meaning you, if you have the Snake as your animal) depends on what action | choice, that  will give the best balance between the five elements.

The Chinese word for the five elements is Wu Hsing (Wu Xing), and since “Wu” means energies and “Hsing” means movement, the direct translation is “The Five Moving Energies”. In the same way that Ying & Yang are constantly in motion with each other, the five elements | the five moving energies, are also constantly interacting with each other.

Five elements and the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

Since the five elements are categorized and related to everything in the universe you are continuously affected and your weight distribution of the five elements changes all the time.

If one of your five elements needs to be strengthened, then you should look for something that will strengthen this element. And since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, you have many different ways in which you can do this.

You can strengthen an element via everything that the element is related to – colors, numbers, animal signs, seasons, hours, days, smells, sounds, compass directions, etc. So you can, for example, dress in colors associated with the element you want to strengthen, or work so that you are looking in the compass direction associated with the element.

And vice versa, if one of your five elements is too dominant, you can balance this by seeking out something that will weaken that element.

Five elements | WoodFive elements | MetalFive elements | FireFive elements | WaterFive elements | Soil

In the East, one seeks to prevent, heal and generally strengthen a persons health, luck, fate, by being aware of when the five elements are out of balance.

Therefore, you can experience that a visit to a doctor in the East will revolve around everything else than what you might consider to be the case of the matter – the defect, disorder, problem for which you have asked the doctor to solve!

The doctor will ask about your mood, diet, friends, finances, job, etc. The goal is to find out where the five elements are out of balance and how this imbalance can be fixed. If you have problems with, for example, digestion, this body function is related to one of the five elements and the cure will be based on strengthening this element.

Chinese animal distance years

The Snake
And years between the animals
Since the 12 Animal Signs are placed one after the other in a repeating cycle, they all have a certain number of years between them. In Chinese astrology, some differences in years are believed to be more favorable than others. For example, animals three years apart are not thought to be compatible, and animals six years apart to have difficulty seeing each other at eye level.

Chinese zodiac animals | 3 years apart | The Snake

3 years
Monkey, Tiger, Snake
Animals 3 years apart are not compatible.

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies | Group Snake, Rooster, Ox

4 years
Rooster, Ox, Snake
Animals 4 years apart are believed to have similar temperaments and ways of thinking. They are good at helping, understanding and supporting each other. They are excellent to have together in a group as they work really well together. Dividing the twelve animals into four groups of three allies or friends, is known as San He (three harmonies).

Chinese zodiac animals | 6 years apart | The Snake

6 years
Pig, Snake
Animal zodiac signs 6 years apart, cannot see each other at eye level, but their relationship can be fine if they accept their roles as e.g. oldest and youngest | greatest seniority | etc. They should always take great care not to cross each other’s borders.

Best partner
Friends of the Serpent

The snake should avoid contact with Monkey, Tiger. There is disharmony and potential conflict when these animals cross the path of the Serpent.

Four Compatible Groups (San He). The Snake enjoys being in a group with Rooster, Ox. They are all deep thinkers and are always conscious of achieving their goals. They complement each other in intellect and habits. They work well together as a group or as friends.

Perfect partner for Snake is the Rooster! According to Chinese astrology, this will be the best partner for you. But don’t let yourself get divorced just because you’re with someone with a different animal sign! Chinese astrology is anything but unambiguous. It is a comprehensive correlation system that tries to help you think about how to live an optimal life.

Best Partner Chinese Astrology Animal Snake


Snake is no. 6 of the zodiac.

Chinese name for Snake is shé

The Snake is associated with the element: Fire

People born 2025, 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953 etc. are born in the year of the Snake. The animal for your year of birth represents your outer animal. How you are generally perceived and characterized.

If you were born in May the 4th month (Si), 6.5 – 5.6, you have the Snake as your inner animal. The animal for your birth month represents your inner animal. How you see yourself and want to be seen.

The animal for the day of the week you were born represents your true animal. You will gain more of this animal’s traits as you get older. The snake (and dog, rabbit) is associated with Friday.

If you were born during the hours 9.00-11.00, you have the Snake as your secret animal. The animal for your birth hour represents your secret animal. Personality traits that you have but hide from the world. These can be both negative and positive.

Chinese Astrology
How to use it!

Chinese astrology is basically a collection of wisdom and good advice on how to find the path of least resistance and live your life so that you give luck and opportunities a chance.

Chinese astrology can help you achieve happiness, wealth and prosperity on all levels, but it is you who must initiate the development. It is you who must put yourself in situations where luck has a chance to hit you.

Chinese astrology has its foundation in the East and with it also a mindset and a view of life that everything is part of a context. Everything in the universe is perceived as a node of many relationships, which is why nothing is simply reduced to a point in space or a moment in time.

Everything is seen in context and nothing can exist alone, as everything is part of, and considered as prerequisites for, each other.

This is the opposite of the Western way of thinking, which traditionally separates concepts from each other. Boundaries are drawn between material and spiritual, between subject and object. This has led to exact sciences and sharp separation between religion, science, philosophy, psychology, natural science, etc.

In the Eastern way of thinking, one is less interested in actual knowledge of the external world. The interest is in the essential being, the inner world. One prefers intuition to reason, symbols to concepts, realization of the self through the obliteration of the self, over realization of the self through the addition of the personality.

Separately, the two ways of thinking contain strengths and weaknesses. However, the biggest weakness arises if you choose one over the other. It is better to try to reach a higher level of non-contradiction thinking, try to adopt a both-and attitude.

According to Eastern thinking, we Westerners do not have much wisdom when we seek to detach and practice Chinese anthology, feng shui, Ayurveda, I Ching, acupuncture, etc. as independent disciplines with step-by-step instructions.

The boundaries we draw in the West when we say that Feng Shui is an interior design philosophy and Ayurveda is a health system, Easterners see as only part of the truth. “Feng Shui” is “Ayurveda” an Easterner could think of saying, and then we Westerners are as confused as when we ask for directions in Thailand, and they point in all directions and say “Same, same, but different” .

If you insist that the wisdom of Chinese astrology be presented to you in a short, simple and clear way, you can find plenty of examples of this. It is a road that leads nowhere, but if you choose to use Chinese astrology for existential escapism and self-deception, this is exactly what you will get.

If you seek to avoid your life lessons, you will have a hard time in life until the lessons are learned. Until then, you cannot give your full attention to the bliss of life, as you are not free to seize its chances. You’ll be too busy getting back on your feet after getting knocked out time after time.

True spiritual people will never claim that they are more endowed with special abilities in relation to the spiritual than others. On the other hand, most spiritual people will claim that they have a special focus on empathy, understanding the nuances of life, a well-developed view of people, a good intuition, follow the path of least resistance and generally seek to live their lives so that they give luck and opportunities a chance.

Chinese astrology is not rocket science. It is wisdom that can help you with strength to find your place in the world and give you the energy to do the little extra that creates your success.

Give it a try!

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