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You can advantageously use some time to examine the compatibility of your zodiac sign with the other Chinese zodiac signs. This represents which people will help you along the way and which there is potential for conflict with. Your luck and prosperity may well be threatened when you come into contact with the animal signs with which you are least compatible.

San He
The three harmonies

The twelve animal signs can be divided into four groups of three, known as San He (three harmonies). The groups are based on the three animal signs having similar temperaments and ways of thinking. So in each group we find three allies or friends, who could live harmoniously, understand and bring good luck to each other.

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies | Group Dragon, Monkey, Rat

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies. Group 1. The Rat, The Dragon, Monkey are action oriented and show traits of intelligence. They can complement in intellect and are compatible with each other.

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies | Group Snake, Rooster, Ox

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies. Group 2. The Ox, the Snake, The Rooster are deep thinkers and are always conscious of achieving their goals. They complement each other in intellect and habits.

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies | Group Horse, Dog, Tiger

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies. Group 3. The Tiger, The Horse, The Dog leans towards freedom and has a strong sense of personal ego. They can understand each other, but are sometimes selfish.

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies | Group Goat, Pig, Rabbit

The four Compatible Groups | San He, three harmonies. Group 4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig love peace and believe in mutual cooperation. They can be likeable and usually make a super match.

The 12 Chinese Animals
And the five elements

Five elements and the twelve animals

Each of the twelve animal signs is related to one of the five elements (Wu Xing), which mutually influence each other by being supportive, draining or destructive.

This affects the interaction between two or more animal signs. The animal signs that have elements that support each other will support each other and look after each other. While animal signs with elements that destroy each other will be destructive to each other.

Chinese zodiac
Years between animals

Chinese astrology works on the fact that distances in years between the animal signs affect how they get along.

Compatible animals 4 years
Animal signs four years apart are assumed to be compatible. For example for The Rat, so if we count 4 years clockwise we find the The Dragon and if we count 4 years anti-clockwise we find The Monkey.

Incompatible animals 6 years
The signs, which are directly opposite to each other, cannot see each other at eye level, but their relationship can be fine if they mutually accept their roles such as. oldest and youngest. For example, The Rat and The Horse are 6 years apart.

Not compatible animals 3 years
Animal signs that are three years apart are not compatible. For example, for The Rat, the distance is three years to The Rabbit and The Rooster.

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Chinese Astrology
It’s just common sense
Not rocket science!

For an Easterner, everything is part of a context. Everything in the universe is perceived as a knot of many relationships, and therefore the Easterner believes that nothing can simply be reduced to a point in space or a moment in time. Everything is seen in its context and nothing can exist alone, because everything is part of and considered as conditions for each other.

Easterners perceive time as major and minor cycles that repeat themselves. Everything returns to its starting point and you feel connected to this dynamic. So much so, in fact, that the individual personality and perception of a “self” merges with it, as part of a larger context.

Your Chinese animal | Djur Tecken

In the East, you have no trouble imagining a consciousness without an “I”. Consciousness is perceived as more comprehensive than the “I” with the ability to transcend the “I”, and in the highest forms of cognition in the East, the “I” disappears completely and utterly. In the East, people prefer the realization of the self through the obliteration of the “I”, rather than the realization of the self through the addition of the personality.

As you feel part of larger contexts in time and space, you also have long-term interests. Overall, everyone must do their part to ensure that stability and harmony prevail in the universe at all times.

This sounds vague at first, but the guideline is actually simple. You feel obliged to get the best possible out of your current life, but you also have a very strong interest in creating the greatest possible progress, welfare and harmony in the long term.

Your Chinese djur

If we want to understand the ethics and world view that prevail in the East, it is necessary that we understand that their society is fundamentally structured quite differently from the Western model.

Eastern people define themselves, their destiny and happiness, based on the communities they belong to – and this view is built on ancient traditions, but also on a social system that concretely realizes the benefits of following and honoring the community rather than one’s own. individual interests.

This is in many ways the opposite of the view of humanity that abounds in the West. Here the individual person is perceived as detached, independent and, alone, responsible for his fate and happiness. The idea of community makes an Easterner instinctively look for similarity rather than difference. The logic of the East is a “both-and” attitude, while the logic of the West is an “either-or” attitude.

Eastern logic can be difficult to fathom as it favors intuition over reason, symbols over concepts. Eastern thought is less interested in actual knowledge of the outer world, its interest is more in the essential being, the inner world.

Your Chinese Animal, Adtrology width=

Separately, Western and Eastern thought have strengths and weaknesses. However, the biggest weakness arises if you choose one over the other.

It is generally fruitful to wean yourself from taking a position either for or against. Better to try to arrive at a higher non-contradiction thinking that uses the best of both approaches.

The cultural context in which these mindsets have arisen is very different, and they cannot easily be compared or used without understanding them.

When Chinese astrology gives you recommendations as to who is your best partner, who you get along best with, who you are in conflict with, what times are favorable and unfavorable for you etc. etc. – this is not predictions written in stone.

These are possible outcomes which can be used with advantage to assess and address the possibilities and fallout groups such as the situation | the constellation has in store for you.

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