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Eight Houses, Ba Zhai Feng Shui

Eight houses, Ba Zhai, Feng Shui means that you use the Ba-Gua to find out which parts of your home represent different areas of your life and then promote these areas by making the advice as BaGua’ one attributes.



The nine fields each represent an area of life, an aspect of our lives – for example “Wealth and prosperity”, “Recognition and fame”, “Love and relationships” etc.

Once you have placed the Ba-Gua on top of your home’s floor plan and thus identified which rooms represent the nine areas of life, you can start by looking at your entire home to see if there are areas that are clearly cluttered and obstructing the energy Chi in flowing.

If this is the case, you can use the Ba-Gua to see which areas of life these areas/rooms cover. You will probably be surprised by the correlation between cluttered and low-energy areas in your home and life areas that are lagging.

You can also use the Ba-Gua in such a way that you choose an area of life in which you think you lack progress and then use the advice in the Ba-Gua to promote this area of life.

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Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 1

Wealth &
Life Area 1

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 2

Recognition &
Life area 2

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 3

Love &
Life area 3

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 4

Health &
Life Area 4

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 5

Children &
Life area 5

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 6

Wisdom &
Life area 6

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 7

& Job
Life area 7

Feng Shui | Ba Zhai | 8

& travels
Life area 8

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You must draw your ground plan in a size such that it can be completely covered by the Ba-Gua. However, do not draw it too small. If there is one of the fields of the Ba-Gua that does not cover a room, then this life area is very weakened or missing completely.

You are free to choose whether you want to use the Ba-Gua in the version where it is a square board divided into nine smaller squares – or you prefer the version where the board is divided into eight compass directions and the center. Regardless of which BaGua you use, the procedure is completely identical in that you divide the home into different living areas and can then use different measures to strengthen these areas.

You transfer the nine areas to your home by placing the BaGua so that the front door opens over the middle field in the bottom row.

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The BaGua must be determined in relation to the main door or the door most used to enter a room. Even if you rarely use the front door, the Ba-Gua must still be determined based on this. You only need another door, e.g. your patio door as a “main door” if you never use the real front door.

If you live in an apartment, the Ba-Gua begins at your front door, where your apartment begins. If you have a two-storey house, the BaGua has the greatest effect on the ground floor, but each floor has its own BaGua. Here, the top step is used as the “main door”.

The BaGua can be used in any room in the home. A room sometimes has more than one entrance. Here, the door that is used the most is used. Doorways without doors can also be entrances.

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