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Feng Shui
When Earth harmonizes Chi energy

Feng shui has as its essence that the Chi energy is neither too strong nor stagnant. An important tool is the five elements. Since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, the interaction between the five elements – supporting, draining, destructive – is used to harmonize the Chi energy.

Loam, mud, rocks, stones, etc. included in this element. A terracotta pot filled with soil is a perfect earth element. Likewise, a statue is an excellent earth element—provided, of course, that it is made of the earth element; plaster, clay, marble etc. Earth is produced by fire and the earth energy can be amplified by lamps. But earth is destroyed by wood and earth can destroy metal. Therefore, it is a good idea not to have wood energy in land areas.

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Chinese Astrology
When Earth is your lucky element

Your lucky element is calculated from your Ba Zi chart. Strengthening your lucky element will help bring your  weight distribution of the five elements into balance and thus make it easy for you to achieve success, wealth, good health , many friends, happiness and success.

The periods between the four seasons are your lucky periods. Year of the Ox, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Goat and Year of the Dog are your lucky years. The months in the signs; the bull, the dragon, the goat and the dog are your lucky months. The central area of the home is your lucky place. Your lucky color is brown and you should use this color as much as possible, in your home, your clothing etc. Your car, bicycle or other vehicle can be advantageously brown.

You will have more luck if your name has a ‘U’ sound. You will have more luck if your name is associated with Earth. Sweet food is good for you. Take care of your digestive system. Your choice of partner should be someone who has a higher Earth score than yourself. Your job will be easier if you choose a profession or a direction that has something to do with Earth.

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Chinese Astrology
When Earth affects your zodiac sign

Your animal sign is calculated from your time of birth. Since every time in the Chinese almanac is associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, the description of who you are based on your year animal – the animal sign for your year of birth – will be nuanced when looking at the weight distribution of the five elements for your birthday and hour of birth.

The earth element primarily affects what you can call the down-to-earth. Here we are out in the safe, the rock-solid, which is reflected in the fact that the personality is characterized by being stable, down-to-earth, sincere, reassurance-seeking and modest. The person takes great care of his family, his friends, his savings etc.

These people are conservative in their approach, preferring to stick to the safe, the known rather than the uncertain, experimental. They are thus more homely people than social lions, although due to their loyal and devoted nature they often have a large circle of friends. Taking care of their security, they often work hard to ensure this and make a point of having a cosy, nice home.

Chinese Astrology
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