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Feng Shui
When Water harmonizes Chi energy

Feng shui has as its essence that the Chi energy is neither too strong nor stagnant. An important tool is the five elements. Since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, the interaction between the five elements – supporting, draining, destructive – is used to harmonize the Chi energy.

A very powerful element associated with luck, power and prosperity. Perhaps this is because emperors and kings over the centuries have placed their palaces near water or had these protected by water – for example in the form of a moat. Use an aquarium or an indoor water pool. Avoid using clay or earthen pots for this as the earth element blocks the water element. Always keep the water fresh and avoid stagnant water. The colors blue and black can be used instead of water remedies

Element water

Chinese Astrology
When Water is your lucky element

Your lucky element is calculated from your Ba Zi chart. Strengthening your lucky element will help bring your  weight distribution of the five elements into balance and thus make it easy for you to achieve success, wealth, good health , many friends, happiness and success.

Winter is your lucky season. Year of the pig or year of the rat are your lucky years. Pig months and Rat months are your lucky months. 21:00 – 1:00 are your lucky hours. The north compass direction is your lucky place. It will increase your luck if you live in a house that faces north. Your bedroom should be in the north part of your home. It will increase your well-being if you sleep with your head facing north. It is good if you have large window openings on the north side of your home. Wind or breeze coming from the north is good for you. You should place your work chair so that you face north.

A water or metal bed is good for you. Your lucky color is black and you should use this color as much as possible, in your home, your clothing etc. Your car, bicycle or other vehicle can be advantageously black. You will have more luck if your name has an ‘O’ sound. You will have more luck if your name is associated with water. Wearing jewelry will bring you good luck. A little salted food is good for you. Your health will benefit from outdoor activities, preferably with water. Take care of your excretory system, kidneys, legs and ears Your choice of partner should be someone who has a higher Water score than you. Your job will be easier if you choose a profession or a direction that has something to do with water.

Element water

Chinese Astrology
When Water affects your animal sign

Your animal sign is calculated from your time of birth. Since every time in the Chinese almanac is associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, the description of who you are based on your year animal – the animal sign for your year of birth – will be nuanced when looking at the weight distribution of the five elements for your birthday and hour of birth.

Water adapts to its surroundings. Water flowing through a river deflects obstacles in its way. Similarly, the water element affects the personality by making it docile. This can result in the person being flexible, accommodating, friendly and understanding. People who are influenced by the water element are often good at listening and often have a well-developed intuition and great psychological insight into other people. They do not hold grudges, think very objectively and most often form their opinions based on an overall impression, where they weigh the different points of view objectively against each other.

Chinese Astrology
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