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Here you can calculate your Kuatal and find out which compass directions are favorable/unfavorable for you. Kuatal is part of the Feng Shui philosophy. By following the advice of Feng Shui, you can support the wishes you have, about how your person and your life would be if it were absolutely perfect.

You can divide your home into eight compass directions – four of these are favorable and four of these are unfavorable. Which directions are favorable/unfavorable for you is determined by your Kua number, which is calculated based on gender and year of birth.

If you do the important things in your life in the areas, the rooms, that best support these tasks, the Feng Shui energies will help you, and you want to have an easier time achieving results and progress – while on the other hand, you should avoid doing important things in your life, in the areas of the home where the energies oppose your efforts.

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The number five has no compass directions attached, which is due to the fact that the number five is in the middle of the Chinese way of arranging the numbers (cf. Lo Shu’s magic square) and therefore contains some of the elements of all the other numbers in itself. If you have Kuatal five and your wife, it is recommended to use Kuatal eight instead of and if you have Kuatal five and your husband, it is recommended to use Kuatal two instead of. If you calculated your Kuatal via NetSpirit’s “Find my Kuatal function” this calculation was used.