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The Magician

Overall meaning
When you are drawn to The Magician, it is a sign that you have all the skills and abilities you need to succeed. You are ready and the energies are with you. The Magician says that you need to use your intellect, concentration and willpower to make things happen.

The Magician can also refer to a specific time when you have the power to manifest the result you desire. If The Magician refers to other people in your life, the card refers to someone you can learn from, someone whose skills and wisdom will impress you.

The card shows the magician wearing a red cloak, symbolizing his desire, and a white tunic, symbolizing the purity of his spirit. The red roses and white lilies in the foreground are the external reflections of these qualities.

On the table in front of him are his props: sword, staff, Cup and coins. These represent the four astrological elements: coins (earth), swords (air), wands (fire), and cups (water). These represent different behaviors or ways of communicating or relating depending on the situation.

The Coin represents the body and the ability to communicate that can support resource or economic endeavors. The Cup represents the heart and the ability to communicate feelings. The Sword symbolizes the mind and the ability to formulate ideas and thoughts clearly and precisely. The Wand, is a sign of his connection between the gods and men. It symbolizes the inspirations from the divine source, which can eventually become practical realities.

Above the magician’s head is drawn a horizontal figure eight, the mathematical symbol for infinity. This is indicative of the Holy Spirit’s talent for using intuition. The tools on the table thus suggest the magician’s diverse possibilities and talents.

The ibis or phoenix wand in the magician’s right hand symbolizes that he is able to communicate from a spiritual or philosophical point of view. One hand pointing to the sky represents eternal life. As a belt, the magician wears a snake that bites its own tail. This symbolizes the idea that life is eternally self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

The magician can be thought of as the sorcerer who studies alone in his laboratory, the wise doctor who tests the limits of science. Or the Magician can be seen more in the direction of the magician, the jester, even the court jester – as long as you remember that all cards in the Major Arcana are trump cards that stand above the other cards. And since the highest ordinary card is the king, all the trump cards represent something that is “greater than kings”.

The American librarian Gertrude Moakley (1905 – 1998) researched the roots of the tarot and wrote a book about the history and iconography of the Tarot. She concluded that tarot cards were inspired by the carnival processions of the time, which in turn were inspired by the Italian poem Triumphs (Triumphs I Trionfi). In it the poet Petrarch describes the Roman triumphal ceremony in which victorious generals and their armies were led in procession by the prisoners and booty they had taken in war. Gertrude Moakley describes the Magician as the king of the carnival, leading the triumphal procession with magic tricks and jokes.

The Magician symbolizes that you possess powers that can be used to start something new. It shows that you have time for action and to unfold your energy. The card symbolizes the need or ability to communicate and is therefore excellent as a visual affirmation to strengthen one’s communication skills.

The right communication consists of a choice between many different expression options, combined with the right timing. Thus, the card also reflects adaptability and versatility. The Magician symbolizes that you have reserves of vigor and dynamism. Your choice lies in whether you want to use the mind (the sword), the imagination (the wand), the heart (the cups) or the body (the coins) in your expression.

Pay attention to whether there is something you would like to communicate and think about which way it would be best – and worst – to do this. The card’s positive aspect is willpower, while its negative side points to weakness of will or lack of firmness. It is up to you to explore all options and act with the tools at your disposal.

Willpower, willingness to take a risk, abilities to draw forces from above and direct them to manifestation, creative and tactful abilities. It’s time for you to speak your mind.

Flexibility, will, illusions, magical work, creative initiatives, will, male energy, urge to accomplish something, awareness of the means you have been given as a human, abilities and opportunities for new ventures.

The tarot card is associated with number 1, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to the planet Mercury and expression through communication.

I communicate effectively. I communicate clearly. I realize myself. I have what it takes to change the situation. I have responsibility for myself.

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