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Eight of Swords

Overall meaning
Eight of Swords represents the feeling of being trapped, contained, limited, backed into a corner or having your hands tied. A perception of hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, slavery, persecution and silence or censorship.

The only problem is that you are the one setting all this up yourself. You exercise self-censorship, you set up your own obstacles and barriers. You are on the map surrounded by swords, but you can remove the blindfold and walk away at any time! The card is thus an invitation to take a closer look at how you limit yourself, prevent yourself from expanding, to fly freely.

Eight Swords shows a woman in long robes with her arms tied to her body and blindfolded. Around her are eight swords stuck into the ground. In the landscape behind her, you can see a castle on a mountain. The card can be interpreted as the woman has left the castle on her way to new opportunities and a better future, but on the way she has come into a situation where she does not know what to do with her newly acquired freedom.

The card indicates a feeling of being trapped, and if she herself wants and chooses to do so, she can loosen the ties around her and her eyes and face her situation and the realities. But right now something is holding her back from doing this. She has not taken responsibility for her situation and the responsibility to move on.

The card symbolizes confusion over choices. The card indicates that you are in a situation that you cannot get out of under any circumstances with the help of thought: with the help of speculation, analysis and planning.

On the contrary, the more you think about your situation, the more it seems to tighten around you. At the same time, you are in a choice situation where the choice seems extremely difficult to you, because it seems that no matter which choice you make, there will be major disadvantages associated with the choice.

You feel locked in by the restrictions and limitations of your surroundings. You are in a dilemma where you are too weak to fight for your rights because you do not see them clearly. You are trapped by and victim of your indecisiveness and your willingness to overanalyze things. A change for the better is coming, but you have to change your behavior.

The card suggests that the questioner has been bound by obstacles in the past which have prevented the person from acting. You have to wait, trust and be patient for an answer or greater clarity to appear to you.

Other words used in describing the Eight of Swords are: belief in one’s own helplessness and weakness, illusion of being trapped, crisis, limitations and a difficult situation.

The tarot card is associated with number 8, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about. This is often expressed in the way that in the next eight weeks | months | years it will be advantageous for you to remain calm and wait for clarity to descend upon your mind and your situation.

Jupiter in Gemini. Although we are required to grow and expand (Jupiter) in the context of being able to see and accommodate many different ideas and possibilities (Gemini), it is important not to prioritize one over the other if we do not see things clear.

I am in charge of my life. I am strong. I experience my strength in the present. I am open to seeing things clearly.

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