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Tarot Major Arcana 2
The High Priestess

Overall meaning
The High Priestess possesses intuition combined with common sense. When the High Priestess appears in a tarot reading, she indicates that now is the time to trust your instincts, your intuition and act from there.

The high priestess sits dressed in a blue robe. She wears a white cross on her chest, which may indicate a connection to the Virgin Mary, or space & the cross of time. She sits between a black and a white pillar, on which are written Jâ and Bâ, which may refer to the two bronze pillars, Boaz (foundation) and Jachin (strength) which stood on the threshold of the temple in Jerusalem. Together, they mean stability.

The high priestess is an exponent of opposites that are in balance with each other. The curtain behind the high priestess is covered with pomegranates – the fruit of death and conjugal love and it hides a door to the inner world of the psyche. Behind the curtain, water can also be seen – symbol of the unconscious, wealth that is accessed via the depths of the unconscious mind.

Her crown or horned headdress is moon-shaped, indicating a connection to the moon goddesses Isis and Frigg. At her feet is the symbol of the waxing moon. In her hands she holds the Torah scroll, the divine law. It is half hidden by her cloak to show that something is hidden, kept secret and something is revealed.

First of all, the High Priestess symbolizes intuition. If there is a need to develop this, you may experience an urge to be yourself, be drawn to water, understand dreams, engage in contemplative or meditative activities. Your tolerance for restrictions, bonds and external inhibitions may be at a low point, and emotional instability may occur.

Often you are also drawn to this card when you have a well-developed intuition and are in deep inner peace and have confidence in what you see, both externally and internally.

The card thus also refers to an increased interest in spiritual, occult or esoteric activities, such as study, meditation or service. There is often a desire, through these activities, to learn more about the world hidden to the perception and the mind. Perhaps, if the time is right, secrets will be revealed to you in the form of knowledge and truths, among other things. Here, then, a great and as yet unrealized potential is shown.

It may also turn out that an insightful person can have a special influence on you. Meditate and give yourself time to listen to your inner self. Be receptive, open and ready. Shift your attention from your rational thoughts to your intuition. The time is ripe to develop female intuitive powers. Don’t act, wait.

Other words that characterize the High Priestess are: knowledge behind intuition, hidden wisdom, guiding dreams, divine laws, silence, inner harmony, access to intuitive powers, feminine energy, clarity, coolness, seriousness, sincerity, wisdom, secrets to be revealed and development of intuition.

The tarot card is associated with number 2, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to The Moon, which stands for deep emotions and the past.

I am a very perceptive and intuitive person. I follow my inner voice.

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