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Three Swords

Overall meaning
The Three Swords tarot card represents misfortune, heartbreak, loss, loneliness, depression, tears and difficulties on an emotional level. You have suffered or will suffer a loss or failure of some kind when this card appears, and not one that can be brushed off easily.

Three Swords shows a large red heart, pierced by three swords. Above the heart hovers a dark gray cloud from which rain showers come. The heart being pierced by a sword symbolizes sorrow, and the rain symbolizes a stormy situation or period.

The card also symbolizes pain; a heart has been broken, opportunities, relationships or projects that have been affected by a situation that causes grief or pain. Although the image is unpleasant, one must know that redemption lies in transcending the pain. Insight and understanding can come from the current situation, helping to transcend the pain.

The card must be interpreted as meaning that there is a sadness or pain in our heart that we must experience before we can experience the qualities of the heart again. Even if the picture on the card doesn’t look particularly cheerful, the necessary clearing it requires will lead to personal development, healing through pain, new perspectives and visions. It may be that something must perish in order for something else to arise. It may also be that it will cost tears. The card is a call to make clear, unambiguous decisions. In which areas this should be done can be clarified by looking at which decisions you find difficult to make or acknowledge.

You must overcome worries and anxieties, let go of your own negative energy that binds the pain to you. When you draw this card, it is a sign that some old grief is affecting your current thinking and that there is a deep desire to be freed from this thinking.

Other words that describe the Three of Swords are: a broken heart, doubt, obscurity, dullness, pain, discord, the dark hour just before dawn, tears, purification, and the pangs of love.

The tarot card has the number 3, so pay attention to this number in relation to the problem you have consulted the tarot cards about. The next three weeks or months will be especially good for getting rid of old painful thought patterns. It will be beneficial to make new decisions about focus and values.

Saturn in Libra. The focus here is that if we expand our limited perception of the past (Saturn) and be a little more flexible and holistic, it will bring more balance and the experience of equilibrium in our minds (Libra).

I feel my pain and rise above it. I transcend the pain. Every problem contains its own solution.

Tarot | Swords 3

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