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Tarot Major Arcana 17
The Star

Overall meaning
The Star indicates that you have come through a tough time with a renewed sense of yourself and the world around you. That you are open to healing the wounds of the past.

Whatever mental, emotional, physical or spiritual problems you experienced, the past is behind you and you are ready to embrace what your future holds. Trust that the universe has a plan for you, and trust the feeling that everything is going to be okay.

We see a naked woman kneeling by a lake and scooping up the water of life. She has a jug in each hand, from which she lets the water of life flow respectively beyond the ground of consciousness and down into the water of the subconscious. One gets the impression that her water supply is inexhaustible and that the two jars are connected to two inexhaustible sources.

Her nakedness refers to authenticity and truth, and her youth refers to renewal. Above her shine the eight-pointed stars; symbol of the cosmic energy. The seven smaller stars could represent the body’s seven centers of consciousness. The landscape behind the woman is lush and green, and the bird perched in a tree behind her symbolizes the spirit’s ability to rise to higher levels of consciousness. The stars suggest that you have access to divine guidance wherever you are.

The card symbolizes hope, optimism and expectation. Bright perspectives await, perhaps an unexpected help from outside, perhaps a divine inspiration from within. Everything is carried out in a calm and balanced manner, and perhaps a little fairy will appear and bring a hint of the unusual with her.

The Star indicates that you will have a sense of purpose, meaning in your undertaking and have a confidence that good always happens. You will have a good feeling of living in the world with nothing to hide but everything to give. Wealth in abundance is your quality.

You may feel a desire to come into harmony with your surroundings. The stars in the card suggest that you are filled with hope, wonder, and magic—things that can keep us alive and on fire, even when it looks bleakest. The card symbolizes hope, promises, renewal and that there is light after darkness. If this is not obvious to you right now, you may need to look at your self-confidence and the faith you have in life.

Other words that describe The Star are: spiritual vision, questioning the meaning of something, inspiration, clear visions, fertility, limitlessness, infinity, birth, independence and influence on others. Hope. Expansion of mental and physical horizons. Great love is given and received.

The tarot card is associated with number 17 – which in numerology is often reduced to 8 (the sum of 1+7) which means that you must pay attention to these two numbers in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to the sign of Aquarius with its innovative and creative mind.

I see what in the future can be of benefit to others. I am full of hope and faith in the future.

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