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Tarot Major Arcana 9
The Hermit

Overall meaning
The Hermit tarot card encourages you to focus on yourself and meet your own needs. Allowing yourself to isolate or withdraw. Removing yourself from everyday life to consider your direction in life or your values. The Hermit is wise, mature and knowledgeable and may be an indication that it may be beneficial to seek advice from someone you trust, consult a psychologist, a spiritual advisor, or a good wise friend.

The Hermit shows an old thin man standing alone on a snowy ridge. He wears a long gray cloak around him, which could symbolize protection from the outside world, which is achieved through self-insight, among other things. The man has a long gray beard that indicates age and experience.

In one hand he lifts the lamp of truth, in which a six-pointed star shines. The flickering inner light of intuition, or light of higher consciousness, guides the solitary seeker on his path. He seeks a path he does not know.

In his hand he holds a shining golden cane, on which he leans. This can symbolize his deep knowledge of the mysterious forces of nature, or it symbolizes the comfort found in religion and in faith in God. His head is slightly bowed and his eyes slightly closed. Behind him, one senses snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The card may remind you a little of the Fool, because they are both traveling and alone. The Hermit, however, has a different atmosphere around him, partly because he is older and partly because he is wiser. He is also more careful and patient. The Hermit has learned to be alone and trusts himself in a different way than the fool.

The card also shows us that as time goes by, we acquire characteristics that can only be acquired with time. The Hermit appears to be paused and introverted, possibly reflective or meditative.

First of all, The Hermit symbolizes the inner sage, and thereby tells either something about a need for this to express itself, or a need for this to develop. This can be expressed by, for example, ending loose ends, reorganizing and structuring through the role of father, mother or leader.

If it is to develop, you must focus on your own inner life, so that it is in accordance and harmony with your basic being. By going within you will be able to gain deep insights and valuable guidance. You must know that in these moments you are probably alone, but not necessarily lonely.

Through reflection, contemplation or meditation you will find inner peace, perfection and be satisfied with yourself. It will probably be an advantage if you can get away from the distractions of the busy world. Wisdom and insight can also come to you through dreams and visions.

The Hermit is also related to the passage of time, and here you will be able to learn. that through acceptance and patience you will gain wisdom and comfort. However, with regard to time, be careful not to be too cautious and unwilling to let go of old habits and accept new ones.

The Hermit was formerly called “The Time”. We often see the Hermit, as an old man with an hour glass or a lantern in his hand. In the oldest known list of tarot cards, Sermones De Ludo Cum Aliis, the man is called El Gobbo, the hunchback. However, we see in old tarot cards that the Hermit is not hunchbacked, but looks hunchbacked because he hides his wings under his cloak! – so a sign that time is flying.

Other words that characterize The Hermit are: the archetype the old wise man, discernment, kindness, inner strength, silence, caution, slow efficiency, discovery of the soul, see the light within oneself, the path of consciousness and listening inward. Wisdom, meeting with a mentor. Need to step back and consider. Openness to offered help. Need to retreat.

The tarot card is associated with number 9, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The Virgo. The Hermit and the Virgo share the qualities of being self-confident and self-contained.

I look forward to exploring my inner world in moments alone with myself. I am one with my inner silence.

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