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Queen of Pentacles

Overall meaning
The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity, wealth, luxury, success and financial independence. The card tells you that your path to success is to deal with your problems in a straightforward, pragmatic and sensible way. By setting yourself clear goals and working steadily towards them, you will achieve everything that the Queen of Pentacles represents.

The Queen of Pentacles shows a woman sitting on a throne. She is dressed in red and wears a crown. In her lap she holds a coin, and her gaze is fixed on it. The coin symbolizes the values ​​she cherishes. She is slightly bent over the coin. Around her grows a rosebush – the symbol of luxuriance and abundance. At her feet sits a rabbit, and in the background you see a lush landscape and mountains.

The card symbolizes connection to the earth and all that is worldly. The card indicates that there is an abundance of financial resources – you can enjoy worldly things such as fine clothes, good food and pleasant surroundings. At the same time, you acknowledge that you have been willing and ready to do whatever it took to obtain these benefits.

The card indicates that you have been willing to work hard to achieve something. The Queen of Pentacles has left the landscape, which can be seen in the background, behind her and is now enjoying the new fertile land she has arrived at.

And that’s exactly what the card is telling you: You’ve put a big obstacle behind you, and you can now rest and pay attention to yourself and your physical needs.

When you draw this card, it is a sign that beautifying the body and healthy nutrition are, or should be, in the foreground. You may need to value yourself in a new way: unhealthy eating habits must be abandoned, perhaps you can start a new diet, renew your wardrobe or start a new form of exercise.

Other words that could describe the Queen of Pentacles are: fertility, wealth, generosity, endurance, independent, inner and outer wisdom, happy, content, peaceful and loving care, business woman, high social status, luxury, the finer things in life, down to earth, organized, sensible, practical, no nonsense, witch, healer.

The tarot card is associated with number 13 – which in numerology is often reduced to 4 (the sum of 1+3) which means that you must pay attention to these two numbers in relation to the challenge you are consulting the tarot cards about.

I am aware of myself and my physical needs. My body gives me vitality and joy in life.

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