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Tarot Major Arcana 8

Overall meaning
Tarot card Strength represents your inner strength, your abilities to overcome the obstacles we face in relation to our own doubts, fears and anxieties. Tarot card Strength shows that you are able to master your fear and anxiety, to be brave and master your emotions. The way to get here is to be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Strength can also refer to how you tame something else outside yourself, another person, a problem. This is best done by not trying to dominate the other person, but by gentle guidance, encouragement and compassion.

Strength shows a young woman gently but firmly holding open the gaping jaws of a lion. She subdues the lion and thus ensures that the lion is harmless. Her face is calm and her expression friendly. She wears a white (the color of purity and innocence) dress with flower vines tied on it.

She also wears a wreath of flowers on her head. The flowers symbolize spring, a time that heralds new life. Above the woman’s head hovers the symbol of eternal life and infinity. The card symbolizes that not violence, but rather that gentle strength can triumph. A woman is without armor and plate, but has nevertheless tamed the strong lion.

The woman is gentle and at the same time authoritative. This is the card of spiritual power, inner strength, power without violence, determination and self-control associated with deep love. At the same time, the woman represents the feminine and the lion the masculine – together they stand for the union of opposites.

First of all, the card symbolizes strength in the sense of faith in and confidence in one’s own abilities. If you are drawn by this card, your creative energies want to be expressed. This either concretely via creative and performing arts, or by using your creative abilities and talents to tame and control the inner beasts (symbolized by the lion).

You must channel your own desires towards positive creative expressions rather than destructive forces. It may be that there is a need to rein in destructive forces. There may be a danger of surrendering to unworthy impulses or abuse of power.

The card refers to a need for courage, strength and determination, so that one dares to face the inner lion. The lion is a symbol of potentially great destructive energy. But you will have the opportunity to unite with the enemy – whether it is from within or from without.

This means that it will be beneficial to give yourself a time for self-awareness, where you become aware of your own body, beauty, strength and life energies. The card refers to the possibility of self-awareness and the possibility of integration and individuality.

Other words that characterize Strength are: discipline, a strong mind, success through willpower, strong actions, passion, courage, acceptance, devotion, joy, sensuality, strength and determination. Love is greater than hate. Goodness prevails. Strength and courage. Your creative power and creativity want to be expressed.

The tarot card is associated with number 8, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to the zodiac sign Leo. It refers to expressing who we are through creative creative power. In this way, we can also reveal our passion and strength.

I have unlimited creative resources. I am strong.

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