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Tarot Major Arcana 4
The Emperor

Overall meaning

The Emperor represents the father, a father figure, fatherhood, an authority. The Emperor is the harsh but fair ruler. He issues orders and decides. The Emperor has high expectations for his surroundings and does not allow much time for fun and frivolity.

The Emperor represents your father, an authority figure or someone who has a determining influence on your life. In cases where The Emperor does not represent a person in your life, the Emperor means that logic should dominate over emotions and the mind over the heart. This means that concentration, structure, stability and focus are required if you want to make your ideas and dreams come true.

The Emperor sits on his throne, in the middle of the harsh nature surrounded by bombastic mountains. In both hands he holds the symbols of power. In his right hand he holds the cross of life, the symbol of his masculine potency and the creative energy with which he rules his kingdom.

The orb or apple of the kingdom in his left hand symbolizes that he travels with the globe in the palm of his hand – he reacts where he arrives. Aries, symbolized by the two rams on the chair, is a fire sign representing the mental powers of the mind, adventure and exploration.

Behind the mountains in the background, the sun is rising as a symbol of nature’s source of light. He is serious, thoughtful and wise. The Emperor symbolizes worldly power, authority and willpower. He also symbolizes the link between the ideal and the real, he is the bridge builder.

First of all, the emperor symbolizes leadership and the ability to take the lead, and the ability and willingness to bear responsibility. If you are drawn by this card, it is time to look at whether you are exercising power and leadership in ways that are empowering for yourself and others.

It’s time to incorporate more structure and order into your life. The card indicates that it is time to deal with the material world. It’s time to be ambitious and start acting now. Dreams must be turned into reality. Things that have to do with worldly progress, status or other achievements.

The Emperor symbolizes an ideal situation to start a project, be it business or on the domestic front. Let your energies be channeled towards making your creative ideas work solidly and practically.

The card may also indicate a meeting with a fatherly, authoritative person who exerts his influence on you. This can turn out to be both a powerful friend or a stubborn tyrant figure.

Other words that could describe the emperor are: material success, dynamic, outgoing, stability, self-control, the archetypal father, masculine power and creativity. Creative energy, authority, action, ambition, development, leadership, an important person with beneficial influence.

The tarot card is associated with number 4, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about.

The card is linked to the astrological sign Aries, which stands for momentum and strength.

I enjoy initiating and starting projects. I materialize dreams and ideas.

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