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The Fool

Overall meaning
Arkana Major means the great secrets/mysteries. The goal is to lead man from unconsciousness to being a part of the greater that we came from. Symbolized by the Fool, which is the first card in the Major Arcana, to become a conscious part of the greater that we came from, symbolized by the World, which is the last card in the Major Arcana.

The fool is about to step over the edge of a cliff and thus stand at the edge of the abyss. He doesn’t seem to know where he’s going. The risk associated with such frivolous behavior is necessary because the card indicates a need for change, new experiences or adventure. A dog at his feet attacks or warns him. This refers to his mixed feelings about the journey; fear of the unknown mixed with enthusiasm.

On the cane, which he carries over his shoulder, hangs an embroidered bag or shirt with what he needs along the way. The rose he holds symbolizes his spiritual pursuit, and the feminine. Its white color symbolizes the purity and innocence that surrounds the situation.

The fool’s hat is made of bay leaves and is a symbol of success. The fool is free as the bird, without discipline and control over anything. He has realized himself and is on his way out into the new world, free from all that binds. He is depicted in a romantic light as a walking man who has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

First and foremost, the Fool symbolizes that one is free from fear and therefore excellent as a visual affirmation to strengthen courage, boldness and the creative expression needed to bring new parts of one’s life to expression. The Fool shows you that old methods are outdated and suggests a strong desire that a change must or will take place.

He is not aware of the anxiety and thereby it loses its power over him. A new foundation must be built, a new chapter begins, and it will be necessary to leap into the unknown and do something completely new.

But the Fool also shows the desire to imagine new ways of experiencing and relating to life. This reflector of the future and possible goals and visions can seem unconventional (conforming to custom), foolish and even silly. But it is important to remember that the desire and drive for change is often stronger than fear.

You need to confront the problem or challenge you are facing, and it is likely that both you and especially your surroundings are ready for change. Be open to the gift. Experience the moment spontaneously. Look to the future and follow the path of your heart.

Other words that characterize the Fool are: trust, openness, ideals, risk, a quantum leap, freedom and independence, birth, naivety, opportunities that arise, the beginning of a new cycle, a new truth or meaning, cheerfulness, creative initiatives, abilities and opportunities for new ventures, the search for a new and more rewarding truth or meaning.

The card has the number 0.

There is nothing to fear, I respect the nature that I am. I have faith in life. I’m on the right track.

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