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Tarot Major Arcana

Take a short moment to think about your question before drawing tarot cards. If the universe doesn’t know what the question is, it doesn’t know what to answer either!

The Tarot card is believed to contain all the wisdom of the world. You can thus consult tarot cards and get guidance on anything. Here you get the essence of what the tarot card tells you. If you want more information, read the complete description of the tarot card.

The tarot card you receive contains the answer to your question. Maybe you don’t think the answer is right, maybe you don’t understand the answer. But there is a reason why you have been given this particular tarot card. Of course, you can draw a new tarot card until you find the answer you want, but then you avoid the wisdom, success, progress that the tarot cards want to help you achieve.

Tarot symbolik

Major Arcana
The Fool I. The Magician II. High Priestess III. Empress IV. The Emperor V. The Hierophant VI. The Lovers VII. The Chariot VIII. Strength IX. The Hermit X. The Wheel of Fortune XI. Judge XII. The Hanged Man XIII. Death XIV. Temperance XV. The Devil XVI. Tower XVII. Star XVIII. The Moon XIX. The Sun XX. Judgment XXI. The World

Tarot Pentacles

The Ace of Coins | Two Coins | Three Coins | Four Coins | Five Coins | Six Coins | Seven Coins | Eight Coins | Nine Coins | Ten Coins | Coins Page | Knight of Coins | Queen of Coins | King of Coins

Tarot Cups

The Ace of Cups | Two Cups | Three Cups | Four Cups | Five Cups | Six Cups | Seven Cups | Eight Cups | Nine Cups | Ten Cups | The Cups Page | Knight of Cups | Queen of Cups | King of Cups

Tarot Swords

Ace of Swords | Two Swords | Three Swords | Four Swords | Five Swords | Six of Swords | Seven Swords | Eight Swords | Nine Swords | Ten of Swords | Swords Page | Knight of Swords | Queen of Swords | King of Swords

Tarot Wands

Ace of Wands | Two Wands | Three Wands | Four Wands | Five Wands | Six Wands | Seven Wands | Eight Wands | Nine Wands | Ten Wands | Wands Page | Knight of  Wands | Queen of Wands | King of Wands

Tarot cards can guide you in all matters of life – love, career, life choices, big and small. Ask tarot cards for advice and guidance. Draw a tarot card and become clearer about your choices.

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