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Ace of Pentacles

Overall meaning
The Ace of Pentacles tarot card represents new beginnings and prosperity. It is a very good card to have in a tarot reading, as it means that you are starting something new, which will be very positive. The card indicates that you can manifest your goals, achieve your dreams and realize your potential.

The Ace of Pentacles shows a luminous hand reaching out from a cloud. In the hand is a large coin. Beneath the hand is a garden of white lilies. Around the garden there is a rose hedge; a garden path is seen leading through a gate in the bush. Through the gate in the distance two mountain peaks can be seen.

The scenery is symbolic of the gifts and powers of the earth and the element earth. The ace suggests new beginnings on the material plane. It can be in the form of worldly status or financial gain.

The card symbolizes that right now there are good opportunities to undertake financial initiatives. It alludes to the birth of something new that has a material, financial character. It could be in the form of a new job, a new home or a new project.

At the same time, the Ace of Pentacles tells us that spirituality is not opposed to materialism. The mountains and the garden together symbolize the mystery of material physical gifts – which we do not know why or where they come from.

The lesson is to receive the gifts, enjoy them and let them go again when it is time. The card indicates that you are ready for a rich inner and outer life. All prerequisites are present. Indulge in the richness of life on both the physical and spiritual levels. Body and spirit can meet here in a harmonious connection.

Other words that can describe the ace of Pentacles are: good prospects for finances and great success. New financial beginnings, new financial opportunities, new job, new business, money, investments, savings, prosperity, security, stability, abundance, manifestation.

The tarot card is associated with number 1, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about. This is often expressed in the way that in the next 1 day | week | month | year it will be advantageous for you to make financial initiatives.

I receive gifts. I’m getting richer and richer every day. I am open to any kind of enrichment of my life. Wealth is my natural state.

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