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Tarot Major Arcana 7
The Chariot

Overall meaning
The Chariot represents overcoming obstacles through determination, focus and willpower. An invitation to go after what you really want. The Chariot shows that there may be many obstacles in your path, but if you stay focused, keep your composure and believe in your abilities, you will succeed! The Chariot is also an indicator of success in sports or competitions.

The Chariot shows an armored knight, standing in a chariot drawn by a black and a white sphinx. The sphinxes are symbols of opposites and the riddle that the charioteer must solve. The card symbolizes the struggle to control the forces in a conflict.

The knight’s golden and beautifully decorated armor shows his powerful energy, which is associated with the sun and the male element. Crescent moons are affixed to the knight’s shoulders, symbolizing his mastery over and mastery of the fluctuating emotions associated with the moon, the feminine element, and mastery of the underlying unconscious forces.

In his hand he has the staff of will. The canopy above him is blue and filled with stars, representing heaven. And together with the chariot, which stands for the earth, they refer to the expression: as above, so below. The four pillars represent the four elements through which energy expresses itself on the physical plane: fire (electricity), air, water (liquid) and earth (massive mass).

The Chariot is a picture of the constant interaction that is about balancing opposites, such as masculine and feminine, strength and weakness, positive and negative, thought and feeling. The charioteer in the center of the sphinxes is a symbol of the one who steers and of the equilibrium achieved by correct steering.

The card refers to the fact that the charioteer must steer correctly between, for example, his opposing emotions or thoughts. One of two things can happen: Either the cart flies off over sticks and stones or it stands still! The charioteer doesn’t have much power over things, he can’t move in his rigid armor, but it provides good protection against attacks on his vulnerable insides.

Understanding the Chariot and how the tarot card can be interpreted is easy when we remember the Roman Empire. When the Roman generals returned victorious to Rome, they encamped on the Marsesian plain and begged permission to enter in a triumphal procession.

If the commander had a suitable rank and the victory was great enough, permission was granted. The triumphal procession then entered the city through a special gate. In front came the captured king on foot. Afterwards his family and soldiers as well as wagons with spoils of war.

Then the triumphant himself came in a gilded chariot drawn by white horses, and behind the chariot stood a public slave holding a golden crown over the general’s head. The whole ceremony was in honor of Jupiter, who had procured the victory, and the triumphant stood for a short time in Jupiter’s place, but the slave behind him whispered in his ear that all glory is fleeting.

This gives us an explanation of the Chariot representing the divine and trumping all the humans that go before. Behind the triumphant stands the whispering slave, who reminds that the triumphant himself will be trumped by time (the Hermit).

The inner being of the card symbolizes a union of conflicts, caused by opposing forces. The Chariot controls our conscious mind, while the sphinxes stand for the various impulses we have to deal with. The sphinxes can be compared to reason and desire.

In this way, the sphinxes can represent conflicts where you know what you should do, but still prefer something else. When you draw this card, it is a sign that you must constantly weigh and balance your desires using your rational mind. The Chariot also symbolizes a desire to combine calm and activity.

If you are drawn by this card, it is time to look at changes in relation to moving, travel, career, family and home. A battle or conflict may be ahead – however with great possibility of triumph over adversity.

The Chariot represents change and causation as universal principle. A Taoist proverb states that change is successful when the “great tree” has its “roots by the flowing river”. This saying is very telling of the principle that characterizes The Chariot, as it reminds us that in times of change it is necessary to include both calm (the great tree with its roots) and activity (the flowing river).

If you steer the cart correctly, for which you should have the energy, it is possible to achieve great harmony. Determination and self-confidence are present to an extent to achieve success. But be careful not to be too aggressive and advance without regard for others.

Other words that characterize the chariot are: conflicts, struggle, compromise, certainty of victory, vitality, past mistakes, finding one’s way, readiness to discover another world and self-affirmation. Ensure progress, self-control, victory, triumph, conquest and health.

The tarot card is associated with number 7, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot cards about.

The card is linked to the zodiac sign Cancer, which, among other things, represents emotions.

I am responsible for everything I cause. I distinguish between what is essential. I have confidence in my abilities.

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