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Arcana Major
Arcana Major means “the great secrets/mysteries”. The goal is to lead man from unconsciousness of being part of the greater that we came from (symbolized by The Fool, which is the first card in the Major Arcana), to becoming part of the greater that we came from ( symbolized by the World, which is the last card in the Major Arcana).

The twenty-two cards can be seen as pictures of development paths, universal principles, universal experiences that each and every person would like to draw during his life. Jung called these principles the great archetypes. The twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana contain some trials that we all have to go through at one time or another.

To achieve happiness in our current life, we must listen to our gut, our intuition and follow the paths we are meant to follow in this life. Make the experiences that in the next life help us further. 

Based on this way of thinking, a happy life thus largely means being honest with ourselves, and seeking the experiences that will make us whole people. What these experiences are for the individual person depends on where they are in the reincarnation cycle. This knowledge is in our unconscious, which explains why it is so important that you try to get in touch with your intuition and live according to what it tries to guide you towards.

Tarot Symbolism

The 22 Trials
There will be times in your life when you experience “no fear” (The Fool). You practice the art of communication daily (The Magician), which includes your self-awareness and confidence (The High Priestess) when you extend love with wisdom (The Empress) and drawing on your own power and leadership skills to empower others (The Emperor).

It is through the experiences you gain throughout life that you get closer to a feeling for faith and spirituality (High Priest), and which enables you to form relationships with other people (The Lovers). In every aspect of what you do, you are faced with the effects of what you cause (The Chariot) and it is required by you that you find out how to balance the experiences you draw in a reasonable and fair way (Justice).

By relying on your experiences (The Hermit), you are able to turn your life in favorable and positive directions (Wheel of Fortune), which places you in situations and relationships where you can express your strength and zest for life (Temperance), and which enables you to break habitual patterns of action and go down completely new paths (The Hanged Man).

In this connection, you will have to let go of the past and close the door behind you. Letting go is necessary to move forward (Death). After a while you will be able to look at the past with a sense of humor (The Devil). You are hereby given renewed energy to break down the artificial and inauthentic (The Tower) and thereby recognize your own inherent nature.

You will then glow with self-awareness and self-confidence (The Star), which will give you the strength to leave old known worlds and go through the gates to explore new worlds. By letting your choices in life be based on your intuition and your own sense of what is right and wrong, you will be able to be natural, productive and stimulating in teamwork, partnership and joint endeavors (The Sun).

By continuing to use your sound judgment and consider your history of relationships and affairs and your life as a whole, you can transform the judge into the fair-minded witness (Judgement). When you have freed yourself from self-critical patterns and become able to look at yourself with loving objective eyes, you are able to build new worlds both inside and outside (The World).


The Fool I. The Magician II. High Priestess III. Empress IV. The Emperor V. The Hierophant VI. The lovers VII. The Chariot VIII. Strength IX. The Hermit X. The Wheel of Fortune XI. Judge XII. The Hanged Man XIII. Death XIV. Temperance XV. The Devil XVI. Tower XVII. Star XVIII. The Moon XIX. The Sun XX. Judgment XXI. The world