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Tarot Pentacles 7
Seven of Pentacles

Overall meaning
Seven Pentacles represent reward, reaping what you have sown, that success is just around the corner. It can also mean that you are at a crossroads regarding which direction to take in life or having to take stock of things and make a decision.

Seven Pentacles show a man standing in a field or garden and leaning on a garden tool. He stands still and looks attentively at a bush that he probably helped to grow. In the bush are six Pentacles – the seventh coin is on the ground at his feet. The card symbolizes that there is a state of pause in the work on a project or a piece of creative work.

Seven represents the seventh day, which was the day of rest in the creation of the world. But the card also represents a choice situation – the man is wearing two different colored shoes, which symbolizes that he is between two choices or situations and does not quite know what to do and whether he can trust the growth process.

The card symbolizes opportunities in your life and that you must let go of your doubts in order for your work to bear fruit – it will! The card also tells you that you must work on if your efforts are not to be completely wasted. You have anxiety about failure regarding business, financial matters or areas related to soul and/or body.

Therefore, you tend to resign, withdraw into familiar frameworks and limit your actions to the absolutely safe. The card indicates that you are blocked by anxious expectations, the content and quality of which you should examine.

Other words that could describe seven Pentacles are: patience, trust, fulfilled potential, choice situation, difficult decision, things take time, waiting, growth, hard work that pays off, harvest, reward, profit, results, payouts, manifestation of ideas or goals, heritage, cultivation, gestation, nurturing, endurance, patience, approaching retirement, finishing what you started.

The tarot card is associated with number 7, which means that you must pay attention to this number in relation to the challenge you are asking the tarot about. This is often expressed in the way that in the next 7 days | weeks | months | years it will be advantageous for you to hold on to some options. Letting go of your doubts and pursuing opportunities will bear fruit.

I believe that everything that happens in my life serves my own good. I trust that my work will bear fruit. I have confidence in my decisions and choices.

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