BaZi | Four Pillars of Destiny

Four Pillars of Destiny

Four Pillars of Destiny, BaZi show how the weight distribution of the five elements is for your person – which is very important. When the five elements are in harmony and balance, you will have luck and prosperity. Conversely, you will experience resistance and difficulties when they are not in balance. So it’s about bringing your elements into balance.

You can find how the weight distribution of the five elements is for you by drawing up a BaZi diagram. Based on your time and place of birth, the four columns (year, month, day, hour) are drawn up and these are converted using the Chinese calendar into a weight distribution for the five elements.


Year Month

Day Time Minut

Four Pillars of Destiny

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Eight characters

Your Destiny Number

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And your lucky element

The Four Pillars, The Eight Signs, The Four Pillars of Destiny, Ba Zi, are essentially about getting the five elements to be in balance with each other. When the five elements are in harmony they will bring you prosperity and luck. When they are in conflict with each other, they will create problems and accidents.

The constellation of the five elements that you are associated with based on your time of birth will either harmonize or be in conflict with the constellation of the five elements that your lover, your boss or your mother-in-law, etc. have!

Since a weight distribution of the five elements is associated with all people based on their time of birth, you can analyze how your weight distribution of the five elements is when it is combined with other people’s weight distribution.

And since times are also associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, you can also analyze whether any time is favorable or unfavorable for you.

All the analyzes follow the same procedure. You look at how your constellation fits together with the constellation of the five elements that are associated with what is being analyzed – which can be, for example, another person or time.

Your lucky element has the lowest score in table “Eight characters”. So find this and then it applies that you strengthen this element in your home, by colors you dress with, by compass directions you work in etc.

Five elements | Soil
Five elements | Water
Five elements | Fire
Five elements | Wood Navigation

And your Chinese animal sign

In addition to your lucky element, your BaZi chart contains a wide range of information. In fact, it is quite basic to know your BaZi diagram if you are interested in Eastern spirituality, including for example Chinese astrology and feng shui. In row two of the table “Four pillars of Destiny” you will find your four Chinese zodiac signs.

Your primary Chinese animal is obtained from your birth year, but you also have an animal for your birth month, as well as an animal for your birthday and an animal for your birth hour.

The animal for your year of birth represents how you are generally perceived and characterized. The animal for your birth month represents how you perceive yourself and want to be perceived by others. The animal for your birthday represents personality traits that you possess. The animal for your hour of birth represents your secret personality, which can be both negative and positive in nature.


trigram 1
Trigram 1
Qian | Sky
NorthWest | Early winter
Trigram 2
Dui | lake
West | Fall
Trigram 3
Li | Fire
South | Midsummer
Trigram 4
Zhên | Thunder
East | Spring
Trigram 5
Xun | The wind
SouthEast | Mid Spring
Trigram 6
K’an | Water
North | Winter
Trigram 7
Embarrassment | Mountain
NorthEast | Mid Winter
“Keeping Still”
Trigram 8
K’un | Soil
SouthWest | Summer

Kua numbers

Kua number 1 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 1
North Fu Wai
NorthEast Wu Gui
East Tien Yi
SouthEast Sheng Chi
South Nien Yen
SouthWest Jueh Ming
West Huo Hai
NorthWest Liu Sha
Kua number 2 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 2
North Jueh Ming
NorthEast Sheng Chi
East Huo Hai
SouthEast Wu Gui
South Liu Sha
SouthWest Fu Wai
West Tien Yi
NorthWest Nien Yen
Kua number 3 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 3
North Tien Yi
NorthEast Liu Sha
East Fu Wai
SouthEast Nien Yen
South Sheng Chi
SouthWest Huo Hai
West Jueh Ming
NorthWest Wu Gui
Kua number 4 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 4
North Sheng Chi
NorthEast Jueh Ming
East Nien Yen
SouthEast Fu Wai
South Tien Yi
SouthWest Wu Gui
West Liu Sha
NorthWest Huo Hai
Kua number 6 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 6
North Liu Sha
NorthEast Tien Yi
East Wu Gui
SouthEast Huo Hai
South Jueh Ming
SouthWest Nien Yen
West Sheng Chi
NorthWest Fu Wai
Kua number 7 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 7
North Huo Hai
NorthEast Nien Yen
East Jueh Ming
SouthEast Liu Sha
South Wu Gui
SouthWest Tien Yi
West Fu Wai
NorthWest Sheng Chi
Kua number 8 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 8
North Wu Gui
Northeast Tien Yi
East Liu Sha
SouthEast Jueh Ming
South Huo Hai
SouthWest Sheng Chi
West Nien Yen
NorthWest Fu Wai
Kua number 9 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 9
North Nien Yen
Northeast Huo Hai
East Sheng Chi
Southeast Tien Yi
South Fu Wai
SouthWest Liu Sha
West Wu Gui
NorthWest Jueh Ming
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