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To your Kua number and thus your person, there are four  favorable compass directions and four unfavorable. If your home and your primary living areas are arranged accordingly, you will optimally utilize the favorable energies and optimally protect yourself against the unfavorable energies. Therefore you will achieve success in the career field, the family field, the health field, the love field, etc.

However, if your home and your primary living areas are not arranged in accordance with this, the energies will work against you and you will experience hardship in all areas of your life.

Below you can read about the four favorable and the four unfavorable compass directions, which are linked to your Kua number and therefore your person.


Compass Direction 7SouthWest
This compass direction is for you Sheng Chi, which means “creation of breath”. This is the best area to attract success and prosperity. To stimulate Sheng Chi, you can place your desk and computer so that they face this direction. Stimulere also wants a small aquarium with 2 gold and 1 black fish.
Compass Direction 2NorthEast
This compass direction is for you Tien Yi, which means “healer from heaven”. This is the best area to ensure good health and a quick recovery from illness. To stimulate the Tien Yi, water and crystal elements in all their forms are especially suitable.
Compass direction 8West
This compass direction is for you Nien Yen, which means “long life with many descendants”. This area promotes the quality of all forms of relationships. The area attracts love relationships. Here you should have two items of as many of your things as possible. Two even jars, two even powders, etc.
Compass direction 9NorthWest
This compass direction is for you Fu Wei, which means “supreme harmony”. The area offers firm and strong protection against adverse fate. The bird phoenix and the white turtle will be good to place in this area. Alternatively, seven elephants placed in a row can be used. They are said to provide invincible support.


Compass direction 6South
This compass direction is for you Ho hai, which means “Bad Luck, unlucky”. This area entails financial losses and all kinds of temporary difficulties and frustrations. The area should be cleaned and the energy reduced. Use, for example, two unicorns or an exhibition with different stones and crystals.
Compass Direction 1North
This compass direction for you Wu Kwei, which means “five ghosts”. This area creates the kind of adversity that results in fire, theft, loss of income and loss of employment. Suppress, for example, the five ghosts by placing your toilet in this area and thereby flushing them down the toilet.
Compass direction 3East
This compass direction is for you Lui Sha, which means “six kills”. As the name suggests, this area means serious harm to you and your family. It symbolizes wasted opportunities at work and in business. Use this area as little as possible. The unicorn can provide a bit of protection. Earth elements should be avoided used in this area.
Compass direction 4SouthEast
This compass direction is for you Chueh Ming. This is the worst of the eight areas and you should do everything you can to suppress this energy. Use e.g. crystals and stones to absorb the negative energy.

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You have now read about what the compass directions bring in favorable and unfavorable energies. In order to arrange your home so that the Feng Shui energies optimally support you and all your activities, you must find out which areas in your home are covered by the compass directions.


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Kua numbers

Kua number 1 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 1
North Fu Wai
NorthEast Wu Gui
East Tien Yi
SouthEast Sheng Chi
South Nien Yen
SouthWest Jueh Ming
West Huo Hai
NorthWest Liu Sha
Kua number 2 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 2
North Jueh Ming
NorthEast Sheng Chi
East Huo Hai
SouthEast Wu Gui
South Liu Sha
SouthWest Fu Wai
West Tien Yi
NorthWest Nien Yen
Kua number 3 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 3
North Tien Yi
NorthEast Liu Sha
East Fu Wai
SouthEast Nien Yen
South Sheng Chi
SouthWest Huo Hai
West Jueh Ming
NorthWest Wu Gui
Kua number 4 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 4
North Sheng Chi
NorthEast Jueh Ming
East Nien Yen
SouthEast Fu Wai
South Tien Yi
SouthWest Wu Gui
West Liu Sha
NorthWest Huo Hai
Kua number 6 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 6
North Liu Sha
NorthEast Tien Yi
East Wu Gui
SouthEast Huo Hai
South Jueh Ming
SouthWest Nien Yen
West Sheng Chi
NorthWest Fu Wai
Kua number 7 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 7
North Huo Hai
NorthEast Nien Yen
East Jueh Ming
SouthEast Liu Sha
South Wu Gui
Sydvest Tien Yi
West Fu Wai
NorthWest Sheng Chi
Kua number 8 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 8
North Wu Gui
NorthEast Tien Yi
East Liu Sha
SouthEast Jueh Ming
South Huo Hai
SouthWest Sheng Chi
West Nien Yen
NorthWest Fu Wai
Kua number 9 | Compass | Feng Shui
Kua 9
North Nien Yen
NorthEast Huo Hai
East Sheng Chi
SouthEast Tien Yi
South Fu Wai
SouthWest Liu Sha
West Wu Gui
NorthWest Jueh Ming
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