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Feng Shui
When Wood harmonizes Chi energy

Feng shui has as its essence that the Chi energy is neither too strong nor stagnant. An important tool is the five elements. Since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, the interaction between the five elements – supporting, draining, destructive – is used to harmonize the Chi energy.

The first element is wood, which symbolizes the beginning of new life. Use live wood. Ideally, a bamboo tree or a plant that has some kind of trunk. In general, flowers and plants are good for Chi and also naturally purify the air. Remember that the plant must be fresh. A sick or dead plant is Shar Chi. Wooden furniture is not very popular as a feng shui solution to promote the energy of the wood element, as dead wood does not contain much energy. However, they can contain positive energy if they have a good story.

Remember that all physical things can contain good as well as bad energies from previous owners, or simply from someone who has handled or used the thing. It is therefore important to always clean new things before they are brought into the home.

Element wood

Chinese Astrology
When Wood is your lucky element

Your lucky element is calculated from your Ba Zi chart. Strengthening your lucky element will help bring your  weight distribution of the five elements into balance and thus make it easy for you to achieve success, wealth, good health , many friends, happiness and success.

Spring is your lucky season. Year of the Hare or Year of the Tiger are your lucky years. Hare months and Tiger months are your lucky months. 03:00 – 07:00 are your lucky hours. The east compass direction is your lucky place. It will increase your luck if you live in a house that faces east. Your bedroom should be in the eastern part of your home. It will increase your well-being if you sleep with your head facing east. It is good if you have large window openings on the east side of your home. Wind or breeze coming from the east is good for you. You should position your work chair so that you face east.

A wooden bed is good for you. Your lucky color is green and you should use this color as much as possible, in your home, your clothing etc. Your car, bicycle or other vehicle can be green. You will have more luck if your name has an ‘A’ sound. You will have more luck if your name is associated with wood. Vegetables and anything green is good for you. Your health will benefit from outdoor activities, preferably some with a lot of wind. Take care of your nervous system, liver and gall bladder. em> Your choice of partner should be someone who has a higher Tree score than yourself. Your job will be easier if you choose a profession or a direction that has to do with wood.

Element wood

Chinese Astrology
When Wood affects your animal sign

Your animal sign is calculated from your time of birth. Since every time in the Chinese almanac is associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, the description of who you are based on your year animal – the animal sign for your year of birth – will be nuanced when looking at the weight distribution of the five elements for your birthday and hour of birth.

First of all, the influence of the wood element on a person is shown by the latter being extremely supportive and loyal to friends and family. There is often unlimited trust, love and support for family and friends, but this is also expected to go the other way. The wood element has a secondary effect in that the personality is often characterized by a large degree of humor. They are often the mood spreaders of the group. This humor is easily expressed in speech as these people are also often very well-articulated. However, sometimes this eloquence is also used to impale enemies or simply others who disagree.

Chinese Astrology
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