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Feng Shui
When Fire harmonizes Chi energy

Feng shui has as its essence that the Chi energy is neither too strong nor stagnant. An important tool is the five elements. Since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, the interaction between the five elements – supporting, draining, destructive – is used to harmonize the Chi energy.

Fire is the only element that does not exist by itself. It must be made. Fire has to do with success and recognition. One associates fire with the direction south. Lamps in the southern part of the garden or in a southern part of the house attract an upward flow of chi that brings the residents success, fame and recognition. It is also a good idea to have wood in the same southern part, because wood serves as fuel for fire. There must never be too much of one element represented in the home, because feng shui is also about balance and equilibrium. Definitely fire in the form of candles, fireplaces etc. also has a stimulating effect on the energies of fire.

Element Fire

Chinese Astrology
When Fire is your lucky element

Your lucky element is calculated from your Ba Zi chart. Strengthening your lucky element will help bring your  weight distribution of the five elements into balance and thus make it easy for you to achieve success, wealth, good health , many friends, happiness and success.

Summer is your lucky season. Year of the Horse and Year of the Snake are your lucky years. Horse months and Snake months are your lucky months. 09:00 – 13:00 (9 A.M. to 1 P.M.) are your lucky hours. The south compass direction is your lucky place. It will increase your luck if you live in a house that faces south. Your bedroom should be in the southern part of your home. It will increase your well-being if you sleep with your head facing south. It is good if you have large window openings on the south side of your home. Wind or breeze coming from the south is good for you. You should place your work chair so that you face south. A wooden bed is good for you. Your lucky color is red and you should use this color as much as possible, in your home, your clothing etc. Your car, bicycle or other vehicle can be advantageously red.

You will have more luck if your name has an ‘I’ sound. You will have more luck if your name is associated with Fire. Bitter foods are good for you. For the sake of your health, make sure you laugh often and a lot. Hot baths are good for you. Take care of your circulatory system, heart, blood and tongue. Your choice of partner should be someone who has a higher Fire score than you. Your job will be easier if you choose a profession or a direction that has something to do with Fire.

Element Fire

Chinese Astrology
When Fire affects your animal sign

Your animal sign is calculated from your time of birth. Since every time in the Chinese almanac is associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, the description of who you are based on your year animal – the animal sign for your year of birth – will be nuanced when looking at the weight distribution of the five elements for your birthday and hour of birth.

Fire is lively, energetic, intense and this is exactly what the element affects the personality with. This can be shown by great courage, that the person is very lively, eager to travel and always looking for new experiences. This in turn can result in the person being restless, having difficulty settling down. But on the other hand, the person’s broad view of life and its possibilities gives a good overview and hence an ability to see things from several sides. This also applies to the ability to see oneself from the outside.

Fire is at the same time a creative and a destructive element. The negative consequences of this can be seen in the person having many broken hearts in his wake and the positive in that the person can be creative and constructively creative. Fire attracts attention and people influenced by this element often crave attention or fame.

Chinese Astrology
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