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Feng Shui
When Metal Harmonizes Chi Energy

Feng shui has as its essence that the Chi energy is neither too strong nor stagnant. An important tool is the five elements. Since everything in the universe is categorized according to the five elements, the interaction between the five elements – supporting, draining, destructive – is used to harmonize the Chi energy.

The metal element consists of silver, copper, bronchus, steel etc. This element is easy to use in feng shui, as metals are part of many different things. Remember that feng shui prefers round and beautiful things – not sharp and uneven things. The metal element is often used to contain the sometimes negative earth energies. Ideally, the goal is to use feng shui in your home so that you do not immediately recognize the individual feng shui remedies, but that these are included as a natural part of the home. The colors white, silver, gold can be used instead of the metal element.

Element Metal

Chinese Astrology
When Metal is your lucky element

Your lucky element is calculated from your Ba Zi chart. Strengthening your lucky element will help bring your  weight distribution of the five elements into balance and thus make it easy for you to achieve success, wealth, good health , many friends, happiness and success.

Here the focus is on bringing the five elements into balance based on your personal weight constellation. Therefore, the weight distribution you have is first found – and then it is compared with the weight distribution of everything around you – times, friends, compass directions, etc. According to Chinese astrology, everything in the universe has an associated weight distribution of the five elements.

That Metal is your lucky element means that your score on the Earth element is low and you can benefit from stimulating and strengthening it, which will bring your five elements into better balance and thus promote your wish you luck, progress and success.

Autumn is your lucky season. Year of the Monkey and Year of the Rooster are your lucky years. Monkey months and Rooster months are your lucky months. 15:00 – 19:00 are your lucky hours. The west compass direction is your lucky place. It will increase your luck if you live in a house that faces west. Your bedroom should be in the west part of your home. It will increase your well-being if you sleep with your head facing west. It is good if you have large window openings on the west side of your home. Wind or breeze coming from the west is good for you. You should place your work chair so that you face west.

A metal bed is good for you. Your lucky color is white and you should use this color as much as possible, in your home, your clothing etc. Your car, bike or other vehicle can be white with advantage. Wearing jewelry will bring you good luck. It is a good idea to wear golden rings. You will have more luck if your name has an ‘E’ sound. Spicy food is good for you.

For the sake of your health, do not stay unnecessarily in climates with a lot of dry air. Take care of your respiratory system, lungs, nose and skin. Your choice of partner should be someone who has a higher Metal score than you. Your job will be easier if you choose a profession or a direction that has to do with metal or money.

Element Metal

Chinese Astrology
When Metal affects your animal sign

Your animal sign is calculated from your time of birth. Since every time in the Chinese almanac is associated with a weight distribution of the five elements, the description of who you are based on your year animal – the animal sign for your year of birth – will be nuanced when looking at the weight distribution of the five elements for your birthday and hour of birth.

Metal is a strong element, which can be shown by the person not being afraid to defend themselves and others. Or by the fact that the person has a will and strength of steel, is stable and at times unyielding. This can also result in the person being competitive and has the courage of his opinions. Or that the person is generally a strong person who protects his family and friends.

Metal is also a cold element, which can affect the person so that he rarely shows emotions and may appear reserved. The metal element can also cover up that the person has a metal armor on the outside, but is really scared and insecure inside.

Chinese Astrology
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