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The King of Pentacles

Overall meaning
The King of Pentacles – like all cards within Pentacles – points in particular to problems connected with finances. The card represents trying to improve oneself, hard work paying off, achieving goals, seeing things through to the end and being proud of your achievements.

The King of Pentacles shows a man seated on a throne, adorned with ibex. He wears a cloak with sewn clusters of grapes, a symbol of wealth and abundance. Under his cloak, he wears his armor as if he is ready to defend or fight for his acquired riches. One hand he rests on a coin, the other holds a golden scepter.

He seems satisfied and as if he has achieved what he wanted. He is the highest possible human expression of the energy of wealth. Capricorns symbolize his ambition to achieve authority and status.

The King of Pentacles is a man who rules health and material abundance. The card indicates that the time has come for you to let your powers work in a serviceable way. The tasks may seem large and require all your efforts, but it will pay off. You are or will now be prepared to work to achieve your highest goals.

Therefore, perseverance and determination become the key words. You will have to make use of your positive energy. In particular, the card refers to the fact that it is time to care for the body and health, there is an interest in health care, and there is the ability to be a leader and guide others in health matters.

Other words that could describe the King of Pentacles are: peace loving, prosperous, the good father, stability, mastering a craft, the compassionate leader, being your own master, position, hard work, successful, wealthy businessman, improving yourself, not a risk taker, empire, high status, stability, security, cautious, conservative, principled, see things through to the end.

The tarot card is associated with number 14 – which in numerology is often reduced to 5 (the sum of 1+4) which means that you must pay attention to these two numbers in relation to the challenge you consult the tarot cards about.

I put my abilities to work in a serviceable way. The work is the reward in itself. I have within me the power to realize the goals I set for myself.

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